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Aug 4, 2016
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Engage Launches New Volunteering Service


Jun 15, 2016
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We currently have several opportunities to join our team of volunteers.

May 23, 2014
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   Engage's Trustee Board has signed up to the Keep Volunteering Voluntary Campaign. See below for the full policy statement.
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Engage's Service Package

Engage West Somerset offers a Service Package for its Member groups.

Membership is open to any stand-alone West Somerset voluntary organisation or to the local branch of a national or regional voluntary organisation operating in West Somerset or to West Somerset Town/Parish Councils. The service package includes:

Membership of the West Somerset Voluntary Sector Forum. The forum meets quarterly to receive briefings, discuss matters of mutual interest and provide networking opportunities. 

Provision of development advice. Engage is able to provide advice  on funding sources, grant applications, business planning, corporate governance and other aspects of voluntary and community group development. For Engage's member organisations, a free initial consultation of up to two hours can be provided. Following this initial free service, additional time can be made available on Engage's standard terms and conditions for its development advice service.

E-mailing of items of interest to charities and voluntary groups. Engage receives information from a range of national, regional and local organisations and circulates relevant items via e-mail to all subscribers. Subscribers may choose to opt out of this service if they wish.

Free hire/use of Engage's equipment. Subscribers can hire free of charge a PowerPoint projector and a set of self-standing display boards. These items are available for collection and return at Engage’s offices at Alcombe Village Hall during Engage’s normal office hours, following prior booking by phone (01643 707123), e-mail ( or in person at Alcombe. Booking is on a first-come first-serve basis and loans are normally for a 24-hour period, following signature of a standard set of terms & conditions. This service package provides for occasional free hire by a member; more frequent use may necessitate the introduction of a charge.

In addition, a laminating machine is available for use at Engage’s office during their normal office hours. The machine laminates sheets up A3 in size. The machine is available free of charge, with laminating plastic sheets available at cost price.

Promotion of volunteering opportunities. Engage runs the local Volunteer Centre for West Somerset, which includes linkage to the main national volunteering website. Engage continues to provide this general service free of charge to members of the public and local organisations seeking volunteers. However, for subscribers Engage can promote actively their volunteering opportunities on its own website and by other means as appropriate.

Representation on Engage’s Board. Member organisations are entitled to nominate a representative for election to the Board of Trustees.

The annual subscription is £16 for a single year, or £12 if an associated Standing Order is also set-up for future years. 

For further details on your group being a member please contact Engage on 01643 707123.

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