Engage helps charities and not-for-profit organisations to promote volunteering opportunities that are in the Somerset West and Taunton area. We would be happy to promote your volunteer roles in this area.

Engage’s Volunteer Centres provide a volunteer brokerage service to charities and organisations matching potential volunteers to organisations. In addition to running our Volunteer Centres, we promote volunteering through events such as recruitment fairs and outreach activities across our area.

As well as having a printed directory of all of the volunteering opportunities we are advertising and promoting for organisations at our face to face Volunteer Centres, we maintain a database of all of the opportunities which can be searched online: https://do-it.org/

In order to use our free brokerage service, the charity/organisation needs to register with us and provide details about the volunteer opportunities that they would like Engage to help promote. If you would like us to help you, please contact us by email at volunteercentre@engagews.org.uk or telephone 01643 707123 to arrange an appointment to discuss your requirements.